Is it actually warmer?


According to our test, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of Room in Room can reach up to 10 Fahrenheit and even higher, depending on how you use it. You can also check out the interviews of our beta testers to find out how their experiences with Room in Room was. You can find the interview here: 



Is it harmful in any way?


We use tetron cotton for the main fabric of Room in Room. Tetron cotton is soft and gentle on your skin. It does not have harmful emission from the textile itself. For the poles, we use aluminum 6061, instead of low cost fiberglass. These materials are environmentally friendly. No worries on Room in Room being harmful to human in any way. 


How can I purchase one?


You can pre order by clicking on "Shop" menu at the top of the page. Pre order usually means longer delivery time. Click here to make pre order. 


When will I receive my Room in Room?


Please check the estimated delivery on the shop page. For pre order, the estimated wait time is about 3-4 weeks. 


Is it safe to order online?


Definitely. The staff of iKamper monitor and administer Room in Room website daily to make sure your information stays safe and secured. We do everything we can to make it comfortable and safe to order online. 


Is set up easy? Packing up?


The set up is very easy and self-explanatory. I can promise you it will not take longer than 10 minutes maximum. Taking it down is even easier. When folded down, every parts of Room in Room simply go into 23'' x 6'' bag. You can easily store it in your closet when it's not cold and take it back out when winter arrives again. 


Will Room in Room fit my mattress?


Room in Room comes to fit four different mattress: single, double, queen, and king. We have also added rubber bands(may change to laces) on the corners of Room in Room to add extra room for flexibility. If your mattress is not exactly the size of Room in Room, rubber bands on corners stretch to make up for the extra room. 


Do you guys ship internationally? 


Yes! We ship worldwide. Wherever you may in the world, you can receive Room in Room. 


Do I need to wash Room in Room on regular basis?


No. There is no need to wash Room in Room at all. Tetron cotton, the main fabric of Room in Room, is dirt resistant and remains clean and soft throughout your winter and the next winter, and the next, the next...


Will I love my product? 


Absolutely. Once you start using it, you will find yourself never coming out of Room in Room, except the time you need to go to toilet. Seriously, you wil never find your winter same as before. 

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