Sleep in darkness

Room in Room Blackout blocks up to 95% of light 

For Children

The world of the adults is too immense for children so they love Room in Room.

Warmer Sleep

It is about 10 Fahrenheit higher inside than the outside

Save Money

Save the Planet

The amount of carbon dioxide you decrease in winter with Room in Room may worth up to planting 50 trees.

Laptop Stand

Movie Stand

Stable, adjustable and removable laptop stand and tablet/smart phone movie stand right onto your bed

Room in Room Blackout


Room in Room Standard

Off White

Room in Room Standard

Ocean Blue


Laptop Stand

You have your own private work station inside Room in Room with laptop stand. The laptop stand allows you to use your laptop in your bed in proper posture without your laptop overheating.

You can adjust the height and angle of the laptop stand using the straps. For this year's model, we have added the strap holder for neatness. 

Cross Support Pole for Laptop Stand 

Because of the support pole, the laptop on the stand is very stable even when you load your hand on the laptop.

Pocket Design of the movie stand

The pocket design of the movie stand holds the device in place at any time.

Light Holder

You can hang the light inside room in room .

Aluminum 6061 Poles

Unlike other indoor tent companies that use fiberglass poles, we use aluminum poles for Room in Room. Aluminum poles are expensive for its strength and durability. Although we do not need strong and durable aluminum poles for indoor tents, we have clear reason for such material choice. 

The tiny glass dust inevitably stick on the fiberglass poles from production process. Fiberglass also breaks easily and when it breaks, the tiny glass pieces scatter all around the room. For this reason, the indoor use of fiberglass is extremely dangerous and potentially harmful, especially for children. 

The product quality is our number one priority.


The laptop stand is also convertible to a desk inside Room in Room. When you close your laptop, you now have the platform and a desk for your convenience.

Tablet/Smart Phone Movie Stand

The movie stand allows you to watch movies in your bed without having to hold up your device yourself. You can enjoy your favorite movie in your bed in the most comfortable way.

Larger Doors on every side

Room in Room now has door on every side . These doors are larger so you can control the brightness and temperature inside


You can store your belongings in the shelf.


Room in Room main fabric body is TC(Tetron Cotton or Poly Cotton) for the standard and the blackout coated polyester for the blackout. They are soft and gentle on your skin and its cozy appearance visually makes up your room cozier. We use high density fabric to maximize heat conservation and blocking light.